Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered


More is more and less is a bore



J’aime Les Garcons

When the female austerity and dynamism of J’ aime Les Garcons collection meet a provocative woman, then the result with absolute punctuality, can reach the apogee of her “glory”.

“She knows who she is and she will show it with her determined style, supporting the unpretentious sense of fashion”, reports assertively the creative director of the collection when she comments on the J’ aime Les Garcons woman.” On the other hand, she does not ignore, indeed, that she is a wandering, bohemian soul, for whom neither borders nor limits exist.”, the director adds. In a controversial and simultaneously such harmonic context her psyche is captured, revealing the contemporary way in which she is urged to satisfy her multiple roles and needs.

The minimal esthetic with the subversive colorings and the expressive tailoring, define the collection and frame it within  ascenery of unusual luxury. Clothes which know how to play with their geometries, their mass and which follow the trends in their own special way driven, by the unique textures.

…so follow us!

Spring – Summer 2019