The cure for anything is Sea Water. So let the sea, set you free…

Sea wouldn’t really belong to me..Sea doesn’t belong to anything. Sea is off in an own world…

She feels Lost In The California Beaches…

She feels Lost In The California Streets…

With a sensational tide, influenced on the one hand by the fierce waves, the smooth sand, the wind of California which knows very well how to excite you, and on the other hand by the endless roads which allow you to relish an owe of intimacy, somewhere between all these ,the inspiration for the collection “fourminds, California travelling, baby !!!That’s the solution…” was born. Between the desire to have fun and the world mood for play, the obsession of a genuine California girl, who seeks for absolute freedom, was realized.

The cotton appears in more luxurious textures and is transformed into T–shirts, dresses, skirts, shorts, crop tops, trousers, overalls. Everyday convenient clothes, which move within the monochrome of the basics or shift to flashy shinning colours. The innovative prints with minimal mood are a real presence, while the sexy cuts at the most imaginative spots and rips with character, satisfy absolutely a subversive girl.


Hey fans, welcome in Fourminds story!!!